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Saratoga Whiskey Club Visits Tenmile Distillery

February 25, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

People seated at a long bar sipping from snifter glasses.

Tenmile Distillery hosted the Saratoga Whisky Club (SWC) on May 15, 2021. As Tenmile’s first-ever group tour, nearly 15 members of the SWC were shown around by Shane Fraser, Tenmile’s Master Distiller, and Joel LeVangia. After the tour, they enjoyed a family-style lunch the terrace overlooking the orchard prepared by Tenmile’s resident chef Eliza Glaister.  

About the Saratoga Whiskey Club

Saratoga Whisk(e)y Club is a group of local Saratogians that enjoy hanging out and tasting whiskey, visiting distilleries and sharing information about whiskey. The SWC consists of 93 members. They have visited 88 distilleries and tasted over 300 whiskies. Click here for more information.  

“Tenmile Distillery was a beautiful experience all the way around! From the remarkable distillery setup to the picturesque surroundings, it’s an incredible whisky destination in the Hudson Valley. Holly and I are very excited to know that such great whisky is being made just down the road!”

Charles Grabitzky @whiskey_traveling

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First Fill Spirits @first.fill.spirits – boutique whiskey shop in Saratoga Springs, NY


“The time we spent with Shane and Cole in the cask warehouse talking whiskey and sampling from barrels was an amazing experience. Tenmile has successfully brought a piece of Scotland to the Hudson Valley.”

-Dan Graham, Saratoga Whiskey Club Member


“After chatting with Shane, seeing the Forsyths copper pot still, and sampling the whisky, I asked myself, ‘Am I in Scotland? It sure feels like it!’”
– Sholom Ackelsberg
Instagram: @drams_and_drums
Website with whisk(e)y reviews: WhiskeyPoints.com
Also a part-time Single Malt Scotch Mentor for Diageo (MKTG)


The whiskey Shane and Cole are creating at Tenmile is going to truly be something special. To have such amazing flavor profiles coming from such young whiskies makes me excited to see what is going to come out of Tenmile in the next few years.

-Art Perkowski, Saratoga Whiskey Club Member


Saratoga Whiskey Club Tour
Saratoga Whiskey Club Tour
Saratoga Whiskey Club Tour
Inspecting the Mashtun

Saratoga Whiskey Club Tour


Saratoga Whiskey Club Tour

Off to the Cask Warehouse!
Off to the Cask Warehouse!
Inside Tenmile Distillery's On Site Cask Warehouse
Inside Tenmile Distillery’s On Site Cask Warehouse

Saratoga Whiskey Club Tasting
Saratoga Whiskey Club Tasting


February 25, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm