The Distillery

Tenmile Distillery has been carefully placed inside a 100-year-old dairy barn that was beautifully renovated by previous owner and architect Allan Shope.

With an eye towards disturbing Shope’s work as little as possible, John Dyson developed a master plan to install boilers, drainage, process water treatment, stills, fermenting tanks, new wells, new electrical service, a mash tun, ventilation and 300+ feet of welded and insulated steam and condensate lines. Harry Basil of West Babylon, New York created and installed the commercial glass curtain wall which gives people the ability to see the distilling process safely.

Our Stills

With a goal of producing a World-Class Single Malt, Tenmile commissioned a Mash tun, Wash still and Spirit still from Forsyths in Rothes, Scotland. We also have a unique Vodka column and specialized gin still from Forsyths for creating our vodka and gin spirits.

Forsyths is the global leader in distillation equipment for the production of single-malt whisky and is frequently employed by makers of rum, bourbon, Irish whiskey and a wide variety of other spirit types. Tenmile Distillery’s stated goal of producing all of its spirits in-house is enabled by the careful fit of the equipment and the facility (not a square inch was wasted!).

Main Room

Most of the wood in the Great Room was milled on the property from trees cut from the farm or surrounding area.

The tasting room bar is built out of Walnut harvested from the farm. Local Carpenters Bob Barlow and Will McCabe, who did much of the original work, returned to create the bar – and if you come during a quiet afternoon hour towards the end of the week you might spot them sitting at it.

Bar & Tasting Room

Tenmile Distillery’s tasting room is intended to create a hotel bar you might find near the River Spey.

Formerly a classroom, the tasting room is still performing its educational mission as we are happy to try to answer any questions you may have about the tour, the whisky or – if you have time – the meaning of life. With a new patio for the warmer months and a carefully developed cocktail menu, we hope that you will come and visit us!

Cask Warehouse

Briefly a cow barn and then a mill, our barrel-room is now a peaceful repository in which the whisky rests. Since the barrel-aging process is responsible for 60-80% of what the finished spirit will taste like, great care has been taken to select the barrels we will fill.

Previously holding Bourbon, Sherry, Port or Williams Selyem Pinot Noir, Tenmile Distillery’s barrels are either French or American oak. The Francois Freres, French Oak barrels that have previously held the highly regarded family of California pinot noirs produced by Williams Selyem in the Russian River Valley are producing particularly good results for Tenmile and were one of the driving impulses for John Dyson to embark on this distillery project.

Take A Tour

The singular purpose of Tenmile Distillery is to produce a world-class single malt whisky out of highest-quality local ingredients through the careful use of traditional methods and a fanatical attention to detail.