The Clean Mary by Koloman

Clean Mary Vodka Cocktail

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New Year calls for New Weekend Brunch plans. Get some friends together and make a big platter of perfect eggs and pancakes… and some Clean Marys, which are the coolest clarified Bloodies. The Clean Mary is one of the most popular drinks served at the bustling brunches at new three star restaurant Koloman in Manhattan.

Meg Lazar, Koloman’s Head Bartender, explains “Sinpatch Vodka works really well in this variation of a classic Bloody Mary because it holds that lovely mouthfeel we associate with a Bloody Mary. Moreover, it throws really well.”

Clean Mary – Clarified Bloody Mary


2 oz. Sinpatch Vodka
2 oz. Tomato Consomme
.25 oz. Manzanilla Sherry
2 dashes Smoked Chili Tincture
2 Dashes Acid Phosphate


Add all ingredients to a tin. Throw the cocktail from one tin to another over ice. Strain onto a large rock. Garnish with shaved horseradish woven between olives and pickled onions.