Single Malt Savvy: Tenmile Distillery Cares About Making Whisky. You Should Care Too.

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I’ve lived in Western Connecticut my entire life, but the drive through my home state’s northwest corner always impresses me with its natural beauty, winding roads, and quaint towns. My GPS estimated a 57 minute drive door-to-door from my house to Tenmile Distillery, just minutes over the border in the hamlet of Wassaic, NY. With so many distilleries out there and so little time, the physical proximity of Tenmile to my location was a huge contributing factor to me paying them a visit in the first place. My first impressions of Tenmile came from word of mouth alone. I had heard good things from a few friends with palates I trusted, yet my reservations remained steadfast.

A new distillery is doing American Single Malt whisky, but this place is doing it the RIGHT way.

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