Matcha Sour by The Dutch

Matcha Sour cocktail on a bar

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This week’s #tenmileinthewild features The Dutch’s Matcha Sour made with Listening Rock Gin and created by Reuben Santos, the original and longtime Head Bartender of this favorite Soho restaurant.

“Who needs an espresso martini when you have a beautiful Matcha Sour? We infuse the Listening Rock gin with Matcha for at least 24 hours, so that the two flavors really meld. We love this beautiful gin!”


2 oz Listening Rock Gin infused with matcha
.75 oz Yuzu
.75 oz Honey syrup
1 Egg white


Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker without ice. Dry shake. Insert ice. Shake and strain into a sour martini glass. Do not double strain; manage the Hawthorne gate correctly and keep the froth. Garnish with a pinch of match swirl.

Photo Cred: Eric Medsker; Bartender: Amanda Koch

Bartender Pouring Gin into Cocktail Shaker