Distiller Magazine: The Road Ahead for American Single Malt

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On the evening of April 4, 2023, many of the members of the Manhattan Whiskey Club (run by yours truly) got their very first taste of American single malt. The club gathered at DXA Studios for a preview tasting of Lost Lantern’s newest Single Distillery Series led by founders Adam Polonski and Nora Ganley-Roper. The whiskeys ranged from a blend of American single malts to distillery-specific releases from Arizona’s Whiskey Del Bac, Oregon’s Westward Whiskey, Washington State’s Westland, and Texas’s Balcones, among others. I say this as a longtime whiskey fan: The reaction of our club to these whiskeys was a sight to behold. We love whiskey, but a good portion of the members define themselves as Scotch fans or bourbon and rye fans. Those distinctions were shattered that night. Those whiskeys were some of the best-received we have had in seven years of the club’s existence.

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